ALL IN THE DETAILS: Falling in Love with Booties

So, it’s officially autumn. Do you know what that means? Not only does it mean PSL from Starbucks, leaves changing colors and football; but, it also means your favorite pair of destroyed denim jeans, cozy sweaters and your fall booties. Ah, just what we’ve been waiting for all year.

The weather is rapidly getting cooler, at least in Ohio where weather can fluctuate 40 degrees within a few hours. Even though this wonderful state is so unpredictable, I’m sure many of you are having this temperature change as well. Believe me, I know everyone would love to spend all day cocooned in 14 blankets watching Netflix, but we have to fight those urges because this weather is begging us to put on our cute and comfy outfits and explore campus. And besides, when you’re wearing your favorite pieces, your confidence goes up as well.

The fall is the perfect weather to rock your favorite booties. Not only are they adorable, but they also can give whoever is wearing them killer confidence. There is no better feeling than seeing heads turn as you’re strutting around campus wearing your favorite pair of (surprisingly comfortable) heels. Did I mention, there are not only so many different kinds of booties, but also they are perfect for any occasion. You heard it from me, these shoes are a definite staple in your closet for this fall. High-heeled? High-top? Laced-up? I’ll take them all, please. We don’t discriminate.

This Fashionista is sure to dress to impress, wearing a simple yet adorable outfit that she is able to walk around in all day. She pairs her favorite pair of stretch denim jeans with a white flowy shirt. Her cardigan keeps her warm with the chilly fall breeze, and her black booties tie her outfit together. Her black cross-body purse has a gold chain that makes her outfit more sophisticated and perfect to dress up for a nicer occasion.

How To: Think your outfit could use something a little extra? Pair your dress, jeans or skirt with a pair of booties with a heel to elongate those legs and dress up your outfit. The key to rocking this style is to remember that, no matter how cute they are, you can’t compromise your comfort. There are plenty of adorable booties out there that you can be both comfortable and confident in all day.