ALL IN THE DETAILS: Falling For Flannel

The obsession started about three years ago. And once it began, I knew I was hooked, maybe even for life.

No, these aren’t the opening lines of a dramatic novel about my hypothetical addiction to illegal substances. It’s me confessing my undying love for flannel shirts. My collection has grown to include a total of seven flannel shirts: a mixture of hidden treasures from the men’s section of Forever 21 and post-winter sale steals from PacSun and Tilly’s.

This slight fascination led me to muster up the courage to approach this week’s Fashionisto whose stylish outfit made him stand out among the hoards of fraternity tank tops and thigh-revealing pastel shorts. As soon as I spotted the bold red flannel tied around his waist, I knew I had to inquire about his personal style. When I asked him about his advice for other guys on campus who want to master a similar level of fashionable know-how, his answer was simple and to the point. “Check the weather before heading out the door.” In a bipolar city like Gainesville, Florida, I couldn’t agree more.

When I ran into him, it was a chilly 68 degrees in the early morning hours (*cue the eye rolls from all the Northerners reading this*), and it had warmed up to a backpack sweat-inducing 85 degrees by noon. Wearing a flannel is always a wise choice for the fall weather in Florida because they are easy to remove and tie around your waist, just as this Fashionisto did. Plus, nothing brings back the ‘90s nostalgia like pairing a flannel shirt with an all-black ensemble and high-top Converse. And what’s not to love about reverting to the good ol’days of the Backstreet Boys and Nirvana, am I right?

How To: Headed to class in a rush and don’t have time to check your phone’s weather app? In need of a new go-to outfit for all-nighters spent in the arctic tundra that is the on-campus library? Look for staples like comfy jogger pants, a basic V-neck shirt, high-top Converse and, of course, a flannel shirt!