ALL IN THE DETAILS: Falling For Blanket Scarves

The fall weather in Florence, Italy consists of high 60s to low 70s, otherwise known as spring temperatures. However while studying abroad, every weekend consists of traveling around Europe where the weather and temperatures vary, meaning Fashionista/os need to be prepared for any kind of climate. I found this stylish Fashionista roaming the streets of Prague, Czech Republic bundled in the perfect fall attire.

This Fashionista styled the perfect look for traveling abroad this fall. From her color story to her layering, this Fashionista is all about the latest fall fashion trends. One of the most important items any Fashionista/o needs to focus on this fall is outerwear. Once the traveling begins, the weather really starts to cool down. To conquer the colder temperatures, this Fashionista bought her fabulous coat from Zara. This suede trench coat is the perfect outerwear piece to take on fall. The coat fits this Fashionista flawlessly, hitting her right above the knee. Under this beautiful coat, is a long-sleeve, polka-dot dress. The color of the dress is not only a huge color this fall, but it is also happens to be the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. The polka-dot dress gives just the right amount of detailing, while keeping this Fashionista warm and comfortable under her coat. She also pairs marsala colored tights with her dress to accentuate its details.

Finding that perfect pair of fall booties can be challenging, but this Fashionista found them no problem. Since the fall weather in Europe varies from country to country, it is important to always be prepared. Which is exactly why this Fashionista chose a pair of multipurpose booties. These booties are not just cute and comfortable, they also double as rain boots. By wearing these booties when traveling, this Fashionista is ready for any kind of weather headed her way.

The must have accessory every Fashionista/o needs this fall is the blanket scarf. It is the perfect accessory to stay cozy this season. This Fashionista is rocking her fall-colored blanket scarf from Zara. The colors in this scarf match this Fashionista’s outfit to a T, embracing earth tones and fall hues. The lighter colored scarf stands out against the darker colors of her coat, working together to create the perfect fall look.

How To: Trying to rock a blanket scarf, but not sure how? Blanket scarves can be overwhelming from the look of their size, however, it can be very simple to make them appear smaller. Try folding the scarf in a triangle, then slowly roll it until it forms a line. Next, wrap the scarf around your neck and begin to fluff it out in order to create volume. Then voilà, you have successfully mastered the latest fall trend of blanket scarves.