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While I consider myself more of a springtime gal with flowers in my hair and sandals on my feet, I love the fall time. The air is crisp, I get to break out my favorite oversized sweaters and drink copious amounts of apple cider. However, I find that fall can sometimes be difficult to dress for due to climate fluctuations. Sometimes it is hard to balance looking chic for the day when you do not know what to expect from those pesky weather changes.

When I am on the lookout for potential Fashionistas/os, I make a mental checklist in my head of things I look for. I look for versatility, individuality and styles that inspire me and make me think. I was instantly drawn to this Fashionisto’s laid-back yet stylish outfit. It was the well thought out details of the ensemble that made me take a second look.

My favorite thing about this Fashionisto’s outfit is that all of the elements are basic pieces that are readily available in your wardrobe. He starts with a good base including a pair of dark fitted jeans, a grey long sleeve shirt and a comfortable hoodie. What set this trendy Fashionisto’s outfit apart from the crowd are the added details that help tailor the outfit to his own specific aesthetic and style. He did this by adding a scarf with a pattern and a pop of color, cuffing the bottom of his jeans and wearing a cool backpack. The best part of this outfit is its functionality! When the weather warms up he can take the hoodie off and put it back on again once it cools down.

How To: Stick to a neutral base so that the details you add really pop. During the fall time, you cannot go wrong with adding a scarf and a pair of comfortable shoes! If you are headed to class like this Fashionisto, try finding a cool backpack that allows your individual style to shine through!