ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Prints For The Win!

Prints have always been a major way to complement an outfit; they add flare to an outfit to help give it the extra oomph that it may need. The best part about wearing prints is that there are a plenty of options to choose from.

Take note that you can never go too big or small when it come to making a fashion statement by wearing popular and trendy prints.

Take it from this Fashionista; although she is wearing soft neutral colors, they’re still appropriate for the early start of autumn. The entire outfit complemented itself from top to bottom. Beginning with her accessories, the Fashionista simply wore gold plated rings and bracelets, which accented her cross-body bag and camouflage jeans. Both prints went well with one another and the undertones of the bag complemented the jeans. The items coupled together also made the entire outfit stand out and gave it the character and oomph that it needed. How the Fashionista transitioned from her show-stopping prints to the soft neutral colors is what gave the outfit its spunk. Her white blouse beneath the cream colored cardigan is very simple, however, it is refreshing at the same time.

Overall, this Fashionista’s outfit was very well put together and had the right amount of print for the fall season.

How To: Wearing print is very simple, and depending how out of the box you are will determine how you will wear it. However, to wear print like this stylish Fashionista, simply choose an array of soft pieces which will help give your outfit the right amount of print for the fall.