September 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Even though I live in the Sunshine State, I can feel the vibes of summer beginning to deteriorate into fall. I know, I can’t believe it either, but I can’t deny that summer is leaving when I see people starting to add layers to their outfits. There is one piece that I grantee every girl around the country has in her wardrobe, the almighty cardigan! A proper cardigan can give you a smooth transition from hot daytime to chill night. For me, it’s not only cozy, but also great tool to flatter your body and clean up your look. However, cardigans are very common, making it hard to come up with an outfit that will stand out from crowd.

This cute Fashionista I met clearly knows how to use a cardigan smartly. While wearing a floral cami and basic denim shorts, summer’s last survivors, she keeps her look neat and feminine by adding ivory outwear. This cardigan she wears is long and loose in a way that brings out this slouchy, sexy vibe. Her gold leaf shaped headband screams goddess, adding glitz and a fun touch of her look. In these days, every fashionable being seems to be obsessed with Hobo and fringe. Of course, she doesn’t miss it. Her black t- trap scandal from ALDO enriches visual impact by providing a stark contrast to plain color of her clothes.

How To: Swap the shorts for a pair of jean leggings that’s going to make you feel super fit and throw on your favorite boots. Now you are ready for real coldness!