ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Into Layers

As we are getting closer to the frigid months, take full advantage of the fall by wearing as much of your closet as possible. I personally feel like it’s the one season where you get the chance to experiment the most by layering just about anything and making it work.

Our Minnesotan Fashionista is displaying the perfect outfit combination for a fall day. One thing here is certain around this time of the year: the sun can be deceiving. Even though it can be super nice and sunny outside, it can be really chilly and cold so you’ll see plenty of Minnesotans layering up in some of the most fashion forward ways.

Not wanting to give up the beauty of the summer, this Fashionista kept her outfit vibrant with a flowy blue top and a geometric/floral printed skirt. Many associate trucker jackets with the summer, but it’s one of those wardrobe pieces that can transition from season to season fairly well; all it takes is determining how to pair them with the colors you tend to wear for each season. Lighter denim suits the summer days while darker denim is a staple trend all year-round and can easily look good with the darker and earthy fall tones.

While her outfit is fun and quite versatile with the light use of layers, she also picked great colors to neutralize the black leggings and skirt. The brown tones from the booties and her bag really bring it all together, letting the white details from the skirt pop as well as giving the blue on her top more life. It’s not all about the clothing when layering up—accessories and shoes play a big part as well.

How To: To achieve a look similar to this Fashionista’s, bring out your skirts, and even your shorts, from hiding. Try layering them with leggings. You’ve got plenty of options from, starting with the regular black pair everyone owns to pleather paneled, printed or knit ones. This way, you’ll stay warm and stylish all at the same time. Even though it’s getting colder out, it doesn’t mean trucker jackets can’t do the trick. Layer your tops or even add a sweater in the mix to easily give you a great and comfortable outfit for those deceivingly sunny days this season.