June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

The classic and effortless tie-dye trend is making a comeback! Aside from the fact it’s super fun to make tie-dye shirts, they also make a great statement in any outfit. Tie-dye has been sneaking back in the scene with designers like Michael Kors and Gucci with their Tie-dye Canvas Tote and Tie-dye Effect Wool Sweater, respectively. Originally popular in the ’80s, tie-dye is a fun print that can either be bright and stand out or lighter and less attention-seeking. Regardless of gender, tie-dye adds the perfect pop to any outfit.

This Fashionisto chose a great combination by pairing a mellow DIY blue tie-dye shirt and a bright and colorful tie-dye hat from OBEY. Making a great DIY piece doesn’t always have to involve natural skill for sewing or cutting. Splattering some dye on a shirt creates great results as well! But in no way does this Fashionisto’s T-shirt distract away from his bright tie-dye hat. Hats help calm that crazy hair you are having but it also completes the outfit! Tie-dye print does add a nice touch to any outfit, but be careful with what you’re pairing it with so that it doesn’t look tacky. To balance out the bright colors, this Fashionisto finishes off his outfit with a pair of basic black jeans and Vans.

How To: Scared that tie-dye will take you back to the ’80s? Update the trend by choosing modern patterns and single color pieces instead of rainbow, spiral pieces. You can also opt for lighter colors that don’t make you stand out too much but still have fun with the print!