For most, yellow is the frenemy of our wardrobe. It is a great color to compliment a bright and vibrant personality, but not always aesthetically pleasing. When wearing yellow, factors such as skin tone, body type and complementing colors are to be considered. If not styled accordingly, yellow can easily wash one’s appearance or draw too much attention to unwanted areas.

Fortunately, this Fashionista conquered the challenge of wearing yellow. By incorporating accents of yellow as the outfits pivotal component, our Fashionista was able to style around the yellow jacket and geometric cutout flats. When styling garments, pairing complementing colors are essential. By pairing the two yellow accent pieces with a floral skirt that includes a blend of complementing colors like blue, pink and purple, the eyes are able to locate the skirt’s hints of yellow and provide a cohesive appearance.

Along with pairing complementing colors, our Fashionista completed this lovely look with a white, crepe camisole tucked at the waist, while accessorizing with a hanging pearl necklace. Also, her hair is styled effortlessly as it is swept down, to the side in a loose curl pattern.

This Fashionista’s style easily reflects how important detail is, as recognition of detail was the key component to creating this feminine, eye catching look.

How To: Always wanted to mix colors, but didn’t know how? Find a focal point for your outfit, and work around it by pairing it with complementing colors or prints. If you aren’t sure what colors complement each other, try using a color wheel to find the corresponding colors. Also, piece items together before wearing, to check if your eyes are able to easily identify one aspect of the outfit at a time, if not all at once.