ALL IN THE DETAILS: Exclusively Eclectic

September 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s easy to forget how much goes on in the length of the year. We find ourselves constantly growing, learning and taking time out of our lives to reflect on the past and hopefully we discover the strength to move forward. I sometimes find myself in question thinking about the things I choose to accept, actions I find to forgive and happiness I seek in relationships and endeavors.

I have always been one to rely on this phrase whenever I am caught in a conundrum: “you can not change others, but you can always change yourself.” Don’t worry, I know that this is so much more easily said than done, but it is something worth trying. When you focus your energy on yourself and the things that you want to accomplish you will in some way or another find your happiness. Even in the world of fashion self-acceptance and self-love translates through what you decide to wear.

This Fashionista is a marvelous example of self-expression. She gallantly flaunts her own personal style that is filled with intriguing pieces and eclectic jewelry. Her wrist full of bracelets seems to aesthetically tie into the vibrancy of her socks and the appeal of her floral sunglasses. Vivacious colors meet a classic black halter-top and denim to make this look more balanced and not so overwhelming. While school is starting and it’s time to start thinking about pulling those cable knit sweaters out from under your bed this Fashionista is still holding on to those final days of summer, channeling an alternative and fun look.

How To: Are you finding that you easily stray from clothing that you’re naturally drawn to because of what others might think? Who cares! You like what you like; you know what I’m saying?  So, wear what you’re instinctively drawn to and love every bit of it!