ALL IN THE DETAILS: Embellishment Envy

March 16th, 2016 at 2:00am

Is it just me or is everything these days all about the embellishments? From my coffee with its heart-shaped creamy swirls, to my Instagram feed with its filters and witty captions, everything in sight is accessorized to the max, so why is your outfit not? I too am totally into the new uber-chic minimalistic vibe, but sometimes more is actually more.

I don’t just mean adding more bangles to your layers of arm-candy until your elbow deep, I mean picking pieces that have layers of interest themselves. Think about your garments not as the basis for accessorizing, but as potential accessories themselves. Thankfully, this chic Fashionista I found seems to know exactly what I mean.

This featured Fashionista has mastered the art of picking individually strong statement pieces. From her tasseled blouse to her zippered booties, her shopping skills are on point! She adds depth to her look by wearing pieces that are highly embellished.

Take a closer look at her outfit: her blouse boasts flirty tassels and a dynamic print, and when paired with her contrastingly classic denim and dainty accessories, the delicate perfection of the blouse really blooms.

How To: I’m sure your outfit envy is only growing by the second, and you’re left wondering how you can emulate this style yourself. Lucky for you it’s quite simple! Pick one piece for your ensemble that is incredibly detail-oriented, then add in a simplistic complementary piece (such as the jeans), and accessorize with thoughtful details like her zipper-detail booties, the denim-colored blue in the necklace and sunglasses or the tassel-like shape of the earrings. Repeating an element or color throughout the look helps tie it together while keeping things interesting!