It’s finally December! For most college students (myself included) this mean our long anticipated winter break is within reach. We can finally catch up on much needed sleep and not be judged for doing absolutely nothing! As the semester slowly comes to a close, it’s hard to motivate yourself to wear anything besides sweatpants. Luckily, I’ve picked up on an easy tip that can help you take any outfit from drab to fab.

I never really understood the appeal of accessories in an outfit. However, current trends such as arm candy and body chains persuaded me otherwise. I’ve only recently started to appreciate the added value of good accessorizing. The proper use of accessories can really make your outfit “pop” and stand out. It’s always difficult to stop yourself from repeating your favorite outfits, but with a simple switch in jewelry, you can transform your look.

This Fashionista is currently interning at a student startup called demere as a graphic designer. Since she has so much creative freedom over her work, she likes to incorporate that same creativity in each of her outfits through her use of accessories. Her outfit today is a perfect example of how accessories can really add to your overall look. This Fashionista started off her outfit with a simple pairing of a black T-shirt and jeans. She then elevated (pun intended) the look with a vintage bomber jacket and her trusty pair of Timberland boots. What really tops off her look and brings it all together are her pieces of jewelry. She added a simple gold necklace and a matching gold watch. The fact that both pieces are gold adds a sense of cohesiveness to the look and the color palette without distracting from her main piece–the vintage bomber jacket. Lastly, she added a pair of matte black aviator sunglasses to add to the aviation vibe of the look.

How To: If you’re new to accessorizing, try to keep all your pieces either gold or silver. Having pieces in both colors may distract from your look. Accessories can go with any outfit so experiment and see which pieces look best with each look.