ALL IN THE DETAILS: Effortlessly Accessorizing

For some, summer is the season of beaches and sunbathing. But in New York, summer is the season of interning and working, and this Fashionista is no exception. But just because you’re spending days on end in the office doesn’t mean you need to be buttoned up in a boring gray pantsuit. This Fashionista transforms her summer sundress into a chic, office-appropriate look with her accessorizing skills, which makes for an effortless look that the girl in the slate-colored blazer in the next cubicle will be envying all day.

The Fashionista sports a blue shift dress–the perfect basic that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. In this case, she chooses to add a draped statement necklace which instantly upgrades the look from casual-daytime to stylish-work-attire. She also adds a large Michael Kors watch, which in my opinion is an accessory that always gives an outfit an air of professionalism and maturity. To keep things fun, she chooses trendy sunglasses that suite the weather vibes New York has been feeling with the sudden shift to summer heat. Also keeping in tone with the summer vibes, her pick of shoes is a pair of chunky, metallic, heeled sandals. These shoes keep the look a little more relaxed while still looking polished. Finally, she finishes her look with a denim jacket. This piece is not only convenient for when your boss puts the AC on full blast, but it pulls together the whole look.

Adding all of these pieces together makes for a look that it seems the Fashionista unknowingly crafted, but we know she’s just well-trained in the art of accessorizing.

How To: The underlying formula making this outfit work is as follows, basic dress + statement necklace + jacket = polished, fun look! It’s totally mathematical, I promise. Try it out the next time you’re looking to impress your coworkers with your style!