Ah, sweet summertime; the overly hot three-month season that circulates around neon bikinis and anything floral and bright. However, not all shopaholics follow the path that leads straight to Lilly Pulitzer. Sometimes dressing on the edgy side during the season of color can be a little more fun!

This month’s Fashionista rocks a ’90s grunge inspired look that takes an unexpected twist on summertime fashion. Whether it be on the streets of New York City or the small college town your residing in for the summer, camouflage, and especially bandanas, are everywhere. These simple pieces can transform a look as they are unique to the trend.

This Fashionista perfectly captures the trend by wearing a loose fitting camouflage top. It creates a relaxed look while still staying cool for the summer. As we all know a T-shirt can be styled a million different ways which makes incorporating camouflage into your wardrobe a breeze. Also, achieving a ’90s vibe can consist of simply styling a bandana. As effortless as it sounds, bandanas make a statement, especially in an eye-popping color like red! This Fashionista chose to tie it around her backpack to add a personal touch. But for a more daring look, try tying one around your neck!

To complete the outfit, she added a dark-wash denim mini skirt and black ankle booties. Black never goes out of style and also helps to transform the look from day to night. This idea also coincides with her choice of a trendy and practical backpack! And of course, one can never forget jewelry. Since there is a lot going on in this look, a few simple pieces go a long way. The gold heart choker paired with a long silver and black necklace adds detail, yet doesn’t overpower the camouflage top.

How To: If rocking the ’90s grunge trend is a little out of your comfort zone, try choosing one funky patterned piece to wear like this bandana or a simple camouflage top or skirt that can be worn with the basic items you already have in your closet.