ALL IN THE DETAILS: Earning Your Stripes

Everyone in college is familiar with this part of the semester. It’s getting close to finals, but not close enough that you’re worried about it. You’re close enough to Thanksgiving Break that you can almost taste the turkey and cranberries, but you’re not quite there. None of your big projects are quite due yet, so you’re just chillin’, probably watching an exorbitant amount of The Office.  In this weird state of being, it’s hard to find the motivation to dress to the nines everyday. It’s windy enough to bring tears to your eyes and to knock you over while you’re walking to class. Wearing a skirt in conditions such as this is risqué to say the least. So if you’re not comfortable exposing your chonies to the world, good luck wearing anything but pants or leggings. Personally, I don’t believe that leggings are a viable choice if you plan on leaving the comfort of your dorm, so for me, the options are pants and only pants. This is the time of year when I exclusively wear jeans and a T-shirt. It is a uniform that feels as comfortable as embracing an old friend when I put it on. But day after day of wearing jeans and a gray or black T-shirt with no end in sight? Doesn’t it get old? It certainly doesn’t for me and it sure doesn’t have to for you either. You can keep simple outfits such as this, interesting with strategic choices of shoes and outerwear! This Fashionista displays this tactic flawlessly.

The core of this outfit is some hip mom jeans and a plain black T-shirt, but this Fashionista spices it up with a thrifted faux fur jacket and some oxfords that are reminiscent of Catholic school. Oxfords can definitely be considered a wardrobe staple, but they’re a staple that only coincides with a certain aesthetic. This Fashionista has that aesthetic. This girl is oozing RAD vibes. Her choice of jacket is made even more interesting with its silver toggle closures. The orange details on the front of the jacket make her appear to be a survivor of a fight with Tony the Tiger and boy, does it look like this Fashionista has earned her stripes.

How To: The best way to add interest to a simple outfit is to hit some thrift stores to find some interesting pieces! This Fashionista found both her jacket and her shoes via the godsend that is second-hand stores. If you’re not down to hunt to perfect your look though, the best place to start is with a good pair of jeans (I’m talking quality, people. Jeans are important.) Classic oxfords, such as these, would be the perfect cherry on top (or should I say bottom because feet, shoes, etc. ayooo) of any outfit. In terms of a fur coat, one that is basic yet still has some form of interest, like this patchwork one, could never steer you wrong.