ALL IN THE DETAILS: Early Spring, Fuzzy Spring

March 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

I know that technically we are still in the winter season and it’s still winter quarter. However, blooming flowers on campus press the “play” button to show people the trailer of Spring (or any real movie that reminds them of the much anticipated season). If I were the producer of a spring themed movie, I would title it Fuzzy Spring. As a sign of spring, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are steadily starting to rise. So, fuzziness becomes a befitting option to keep warm and click with the comfy vibe of spring.

The fuzzy details of this Fashionista’s early spring attire are quite functional. In drama, a beat is the smallest dramatic progression that introduces a single topic, and a juicy moment of one scene usually contains intensive beat shifts. The Fashionista’s adoption of different textures, like dense beats, makes the whole ensemble tell a very interesting story. Instead of contrasting in colors, she wears several textures together to add spice to her outfit.

Her suede jacket helps her style becomes pretty punk and cool. Focusing on the texture-blocking of her upper body, the Fashionista conjoins two different kinds of fuzziness with a navy sweater and white scarf, a high-waisted chiffon skirt and a taupe suede blazer. Plus the mixed color flow of her hair make the story of her look more bouncy and plump.

As we all know, high-waisted items visually lengthen the legs to better the proportion of the body. What I love the most about the skirt on the Fashionista, besides the merit of the high waist, is the linear drape. Such vertical lines lead and emphasize the direction where people’s eyes should follow, which is another way to visually lengthen your legs. The unity of black at the bottom also enhances the lengthening effect.

This pair of boots, as a surprising finishing point, definitely have a punk-inspired style. You can see the openness of this Fashionista through the diversity of her outfit. Unlike the common ending of such an outfit, like flats or ankle boots, her neutral, knee-high boots manifest her unique individuality. The toughness of boots seem to conflict with the fuzziness, but they are exactly what help create her own signature.

How To: Ready for the transfer from winter to early spring? A light fuzzy scarf or knit will perfectly prepare you for a comfy spring! To take this look further, try to mix up different textures, like suede and chiffon, to add more intense “beats” to your look. Cool boots will add some drama to the outfit.