ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dressin' For Fall

Summer is officially over and fall trends are receiving the spotlight as the new school year begins. Most girls who enjoy dressing up tend to use new seasons as an excuse to go shopping. But let’s face it. As college students, it’s impossible to change our entire wardrobe every new season. The good news about fall is that the perfect blend of the warm and chilly weather allows us to easily transition our favorite summer essentials into fall.

This week’s Fashionista shows us how she used one of her summer dresses to create a fall appropriate outfit by simply layering a cardigan on top. My favorite part about her dress is its tweed texture that gives the mini dress a cozy vibe. If you’re afraid of wearing skirts during the fall because you don’t want to worry about the wind lifting up your skirt, try going with a straight fit skirt like this Fashionista. This way, you can survive those windy moments since it will stay in place.

Because the main component of her outfit is a neutral color, our Fashionista added a colorful patterned cardigan. This Fashionista chose the perfect cardigan length by choosing a similar length to her dress.  To complete her fall outfit, she wore a pair of black ankle booties. If you don’t own a pair of black ankle booties, you should consider buying one! It’s definitely a classic and you’ll definitely end up wearing it out too much through the season.

How To: If you feel like wearing a dress is too girly for your taste, try tying a plaid or even a light leather jacket around your waist. This will instantly tone down your outfit to meet your needs of a casual look. If you want to make a statement and be on-trend this fall, go with a pair of chic over-the-knee boots, leaving the right amount of skin to peek through between your dress and boots.