ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dressed in Holiday Style

January 3rd, 2016 at 6:43pm

The holiday season is in full swing! This Fashionista has all the right pieces for the perfect festive outfit. This time of year, scarves and booties are a must have. Adding a statement necklace brings any outfit a step above the rest. Neutrals run rampant and color can be hard to come by. Adding accessories and hints of color can take your outfit to the next level. This Fashionista chose to keep her top and pants neutral, so the details of her outfit popped. A light gray sweater and black pants give the look more sophistication and provide a simple backdrop for the accessories.

The stars of the show are the blanket scarf, pearl statement necklace and the black booties with gold detail. Plaid is extremely popular right now and you can’t go wrong with a scarf in the wintertime. This Fashionista chose to drape the scarf over her, like a wrap. It made the outfit look more modern by styling the scarf differently than normal. Her pearl statement necklace created more detail and eye-catching elegance that tied in her put together look. Her booties have just enough detail to make them more noticeable, without being the center of the outfit. The gold detail on the booties coincides with the gold in her necklace, ring and handbag. The zipper accents along with the suede and leather detail add even more dimension to her outfit.

HOW TO: To achieve this look, you will definitely need a plaid blanket scarf. Don’t be afraid to style it however you want! You can’t forget to add a pearl statement necklace from somewhere like Francesca’s. Lastly, be sure to rock a pair of black booties. Keep the rest of your outfit simple; these accessories are the stars of the show!