ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dress for Fall

When the leaves begin to change color, fashion also begins to morph into the fall season. Fall brings warmer colors, new accessories and more ways to deck out in gorgeous clothes. This particular season offers a few of my favorite accessories including scarves, boots and classic leather jackets. It is a time to experiment with accessories as a way to look stylish and stay warm in the cold. The only issue with the start of fall is that some are not ready to commit to jeans and jackets. This Fashionista kicks off the start of fall with a long sleeve dress. Dresses like these are perfect for the beginning fall because they keep you warm but allow you to show off those legs and implement another great fashion item: tights! Tights come in all colors and patterns and are a fabulous way to show off your personal style and creativity, especially around Halloween. Long sleeve dresses also allow the wearer to experiment with different shoe possibilities, including the classic boots, flats, heels or even sneakers for the tomboy look.

This dress is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. It is heavy enough to stay warm and leaves room for a nice fall breeze. Also, since classrooms begin to get hot around this time, she can go from her lecture to the lawn without shivering or sweating—the perfect temperature balance. The addition of the scarf reminds everyone that fall is coming and it will be cold soon, so now is the time to soak up the last of the sun. The black boots also complement the dark colors of the dress and scarf, showing off the fall palette. Finally, she adds some silver neck jewelry to shine a little bit of light on this warm autumn look.

How To: Too cold for a dress? Nonsense! If you’re looking for a warmer outfit, try a longer hanging dress or put a classy leather jacket over it. Another trick is wearing high socks to cover more of your legs. Any accessory you add will make the dress look that much more stylish and fall-ready!