September 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Whoever said denim on denim shouldn’t be worn was seriously mistaken. I do agree that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s 2001 American Music Awards full-on denim outfit, though iconic, should not be repeated, but that doesn’t mean denim needs to stand alone in an outfit. I’m sure glad this Fashionista feels the same way! There are many ways to incorporate denim into a stylish ensemble—jackets, vests, skirts and (of course) jeans—but my favorite would have to be a classic button-down. These shirts are fun, classy and somehow timeless, and this Fashionista pulled off the look perfectly.

On the chilliest, most fall-esque day so far this semester, this student chose to pair her white denim shorts with a light wash denim blue button-down. Even though it’s still a solid, the blue shirt gives a fantastic color-block between the monochromatic nature of her outfit. The button-down is great to wear in the early stages of autumn since it is a cute layer to have on while outside, but easy to take off if the temperature suddenly soars (and living in a city, I find that it normally does).

Living in the city means that everyone is always moving. One minute you could be sitting in class and the next you’re shopping, walking up and down crowded streets. This Fashionista’s purse is versatile for any activity she has scheduled for her day. Studded, big and tan is the definition of the perfect fall bag no matter if you live in a city or not. Books? Pens? Pencils? Wallet? Coupons for your favorite shoe store? You can fit it all.

Finally, tying in everything together, are this Fashionista’s shoes and necklace. Her black leather gladiators flow well with her outfit—detailed but not at all distracting. The bronze sun choker, like her sandals, is perfectly balanced between attention grabbing and necessary; it gives her outfit an overall sense of completion.

How To: Wearing more than one piece of denim doesn’t need to be scary! I’ve found that the specific color of the pants doesn’t matter as much as long as they’re not the exact same shade as your top. Peach, black, white and khaki colored pants all look great with denim on top!