ALL IN THE DETAILS: Down With Winter

As the seasons carry on and warmer weather sneaks behind us, spring is calling our names. It’s very easy to become lost in the sporadic days of 30 plus degree weather and sunshine, almost to the near-point where we want to just throw out all our winter gear and be ready for a new line of clothes. We’ve all been there, however, let’s not get too carried away though! The change of weather is a subtle one, and as such, your ease into seasonal clothes should be treated with just the same formula. The transition from heavier wears to lighter ones should be astute and advantageous.

Mastering the transition of seasons and adapting well, this Fashionisto is saying farewell to his oversized snow coats and hello to a more lightweight Moncler down jacket. The great thing that everyone should know about down jackets is that they are the perfect substitute for winter coats. Specifically designed to trap air, the down feathers served as the undercoating to birds for the purpose of insulating against heat loss. So not only is it light and compressible, but it’s highly effective in it’s job at still keeping you warm, highly recommended for your walk through UConn. Now take it from me, just because the is sun out doesn’t mean the cold winds here still aren’t brutal!

Complementing the dark tones of the jacket, our Fashionisto sports fitted black pants, snugged into a pair of Dr. Martens. Giving off a blend of high fashion with laid-back vibes, a Coach backpack is added as the finishing touch for the student on the go (talk about carrying books in style!).

How To: The down jacket is a phenomenal outerwear piece one can use for the transitioning stages of winter to spring. Want to imitate this look for the student on a budget? Try this alternative; though it may not have the name Moncler attached to it, it will still get the job done and be just as stylish!