ALL IN THE DETAILS: Double Trouble Accessories

March 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Being in college means being constantly on the go from one place to another. Living in Colorado, the seasons can have giant mood swings, making picking your perfect OOTD difficult at best, especially when you have a million and one things going on. Because of this, many students have been opting to invest in pieces that can do double duty, or can be worn more than one way.

Some examples that have been seen popping up all around the University of Denver’s campus are blanket scarves, flannels and ankle booties. All of these items have the unique ability to go from one look to the next and can totally transform an outfit. This Fashionista, especially rocked a double duty accessory that was not only chic and classy but also added a much needed splash of red to her sleek and stylish look.

This Fashionista rocked her skinny scarf as a headband; the perfect accessory to add a flirty and young feel to an otherwise professional and neutral outfit. The headband also reinforces the ’60s vibe of the look and is a great way to take the look from a class presentation to out in the city with friends.

The beauty of this Fashionista’s look is the flawless way in which she layered different neutral pieces like her light H&M blazer and sleek, gray sheath dress from MANGO but then was also able to bring it all together with the vintage red scarf. Her look is too cute for words and can easily be recreated and incorporated into your own closet. From brunch with your parents, to going downtown for a daytime adventure, this look can do it all.

How To: To get this look, first hunt for a good, neutral staple like a plain shift dress or T-shirt dress to act as your base. Then find a cute, light jacket to go on top in a different neutral color. The final step to achieving this look is to add dainty jewelry and a pop of color with either a headband, scarf or bag. Don’t forget to incorporate a multi-way piece into this look in order allow for this outfit to be worn a few different ways for different occasions.