ALL IN THE DETAILS: Double Duty Denim

July 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

For a moment in history, denim on denim was a thing of the past, a big fashion no-no. It was an outfit that your father and Uncle Ernie ended up wearing, because they honestly didn’t know what they were doing when it came to dressing themselves. Now, flash all the way forward to our current fashion state of mind. Those two goons were onto something. I might even be inclined to award them with the title, dare I say it, “Double Denim Hipsters.”

Nowadays, celebrities everywhere from Rihanna and David Beckham to Kylie Jenner (who just so happens to be one of this Fashionisto’s style icons) have been rocking the edgier, denim stacked look. What makes the look so unique is that people immediately notice and respect those who can pull it off. Don’t fret quite yet; those people are not exclusively the unattainable model types either. You, yes you, can most definitely reach double denim victory.

The trick to making a RAD statement is to let your personality speak past the fact that you’re wearing twice the recommended denim dosage. One of the ways this Fashionisto spoke was through the destroyed detailing on his skinny jeans. They showed off his fierce edginess while his jacket acted as a laid back, casual counterbalance. I also admired that the bro tank neckline allowed his minimalist tattoo to be heard. Everything aided in creating a statement for who he is as a person, and he didn’t allow the denim to swallow him whole, leaving him identity-less.

How To: Don’t be intimidated by denim on denim. Dress it up with a sharp pair of low cut boots if you’re a Fashionisto or a sophisticated high heel if you’re a Fashionista; no matter who you are, dress it down with a pair of sneakers just like our Fashionisto did here! Whichever direction you choose, don’t forget to let your character come out in what you add on. Show some sass, expose your class or express your casual-loving self as long as you spice things up your way.