ALL IN THE DETAILS: Double-Breasted Jackets

February 23rd, 2015 at 2:10am

Looking through the campus, everyone is wearing a suit to attend career fairs. At this time, men look really mature and handsome. The path to elegance begins with the suit as it is the most universally appropriate item in a gentleman’s wardrobe. So why don’t we wear suits in our daily life?

I spotted our Fashionisto on the opposite street. His elegance and colorful accessories attracted me. He was wearing a bespoke made double-breasted jacket. Double-breasted jackets have either four or six buttons on each side, and only two will actually be buttoned at any given time. It should never be left unbuttoned when standing as our Fashionista expressed a good example.

I was admired by the use of color from our Fashionisto. He only has two color on the clothing which is aqua and maroon. He matched a pair of trousers in the same color with the buttons on the jacket as well as the color of his shoes to make his look simple and elegant. The most  impressive point was that he used a colorful Hermes scarf, Andrews ties pocket square and Thomas Pink cuff links to highlight the looking. If you are confused about how to wear complimentary color together, our Fashionisto here is a goof reference for you.

Don’t worry about the cold weather here, our Fashionisto wears suits almost everyday. But remember to put on gloves and scarves to keep you warm.

How To: Don’t be limited in the idea that suits can only be wear at formal events such as career fairs. Replace your ties with the scarves to make your looking casual and warm.