July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashion is all about balance and moderation. Too much or too little of a certain fabric or print can make or break a look. I personally am very careful when selecting certain patterns, and it seems that I always steer away from polka-dots because they only ever seem to be found in dresses or skirts with very feminine cuts. Maybe it’s because for some reason polka-dots are considered to be a traditionally feminine pattern, but whatever the reason, finding versatile pieces with polka-dots is really hard.

Thankfully, there are Fashionistas out there like this one willing to experiment with polka-dots. This Fashionista has chosen to mix up a classic polka dot pattern by wearing a pair of flowy shorts. That’s right—shorts! Like these Ralph Lauren shorts from Bloomingdale’s, the shorts are polyester, and the extra movable fabric makes them look almost like a skirt. The fact that they’re not gives the outfit a casual, fun feel—especially with all our Fashionista’s breezy fabrics. Basics like a neutral, light navy top and an oversized open-knit cardigan allow our Fashionista’s shorts to take center stage. The ladylike cut of the shorts and the polka-dot print give the shorts a feminine feel, which allows her to pair the outfit with her sporty ‘80s tennis shoes. Adding another girly detail like a jeweled white watch or a silver necklace further balances her daring look.

How To: Choose a print traditionally considered to be more feminine and wear it on shorts or pants. That way, you’re rocking the versatility of the print in an unexpected way. Adding another twist like throwback tennis shoes keeps the look engaging and unique!