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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Sock it Till You Try it

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Sock it Till You Try it

Sometimes, I flip through fashion magazines or scroll through my Instagram feed and find endless looks that I attempt to recreate myself. Other times, I see trends that scare me a little. I think, “Why is this a thing?” or, “How is this even wearable?” For example, the denim on denim trend, when it first came out, had me a little worried. I thought I couldn’t pull it off, but now I have grown to love it. Being invested in fashion ever since I was in middle school “studying” Teen Vogue has made me realize that fashion is weird and that it’s okay to be weird. The other day I saw a girl walking past me wearing science goggles around her neck. I’m not sure if she was late for a science lab or if she was wearing them as a fashion statement. Either way, it caught my eye, and I will probably never forget her.

Now a new trend has me questioning it’s existence. Socks and sandals have made their way from your dad’s wardrobe to your local downtown streets. When I saw this Fashionista, I stopped and asked her about her choice of footwear. She said, “When wearing something that you don’t think a lot of people will agree with, it is very empowering and makes you secure in who you are. At the same time, your feet get to stay warm while you wear cute sandals.”

I love the fact that this Fashionista rocks her socks and sandals in a casual way. The red hearts on her ankle socks pop against her simplistic outfit, consisting of a flannel and some ripped jeans. Even though this is a casual take on the trend, you can make it dressy by wearing some sparkly socks with a simple strapped heel. When someone, like this Fashionista, is not afraid to wear something out of the ordinary, it shows confidence and uniqueness in their character that doesn’t go unnoticed. So the next time you see someone wearing something “weird”, just remember that weird is cool and that fashion is an ultimate expression of who you are. It’s in these moments where I see people wearing something different, that pushes me to be more experimental with my looks.

So, I challenge you to try something new with your style. It might be scary, but it can bring out a dash of confidence and might get you a few compliments.