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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Furget About Color

Fur has made its statement as the winter weather begins to roll around and I am completely obsessed! As I have been travelling around for the holidays and events, I have seen so many unique variations of fur coats, vests and scarves! Our furry layers keep us warm but also give flair to just about any outfit!

It is rare to find a combination of comfort and trendiness in the fashion world and when a trend that features both makes its way, I am all open to it! With black and dark colors being one of my biggest attractions when it comes to a look, I decided to challenge myself by paying closer attention to colors for the past few weeks. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and the dark side is always a fun, yet challenging mission.

When I spotted this Fashionista, there was no way I could hold off on requesting a few snaps. All of the lovely bright colors were so cohesive to one another. It really impressed me when considering the cloudy and dark weather how she was able to stay so bright! It really caught my eye quite well out of the rest of the black ensembles I passed on the street and I was ready to snag that coat and run! The contemporary design on the coat gave such a lovely detail. I find that many Fashionistas worry about details being small patterns and a lot of embellishments but looking at this coat, it tells a story and has such a characteristic approach that is totally unique. The shoes were such a fun pairing as they were full of color as well but still cohesive enough to not throw off the overall look.

How To: When styling a colorful ensemble, make sure to choose a color pallet that is close-knit throughout. Finding fur, especially colorful fur like the look seen here is pretty easy if you know where to look. So many thrift stores and vintage consignment shops have been carrying fur lately. It’s easy to find one that is similar to the one featured above. Color-blocking is always something that requires a conscious effort. Make sure to not wear too many colors but also not too little. It can be risky to wear a lot of different colors at once but if you do it correctly, the end result will be worth it all!