ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Fear Polka-dots

Many people are afraid to wear polka-dots. For whatever reason, they have become a print to be wary of. This Fashionisto shows no fear as he rocks his blue polka-dot button-down. This shirt can be perfect for any occasion because it can be dressed up or dressed down. Polka-dots are a fun way to add more style and print into your wardrobe. They can be subtle like this Fashionisto’s shirt or can be more dramatic with bigger polka-dots or different colors. This Fashionisto chose the perfect outfit and occasion to wear his polka-dot shirt.

I spotted this Fashionisto outside a birthday party. The polka-dots on this button-down add more color and the appearance of texture to this outfit. They are a fun print and are perfect to wear to a birthday party. The outfit becomes more interesting due to the print of his shirt. He paired his shirt with a pair of jeans. The color of the jeans contrasts with the blue of the shirt and completes the outfit. He rolled up his sleeves to make the shirt more casual.

This Fashionisto chose his black Nixon watch to accessorize the outfit. His brown Vans also do a good job of accessorizing and adding more color to the outfit. Leather sneakers, like this pair, appear to be dressier but still provide the same comfort as normal sneakers.

This Fashionisto is sure to have a great time at this birthday party and will add a lot more fun with his polka-dot shirt.

How To: Find a polka-dot shirt in the color and style of your choice. Pair a simple pair of pants with the shirt to make the shirt stand out. Sneakers are the perfect choice to make the outfit more casual.