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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Be So Sueded

Fall wardrobes mean that a rich array of fabrics begin to emerge on the streets. Whether you love corduroy blazers or the glam vibe of a white Sherpa vest, fall textiles are full of possibilities.

For me personally, suede has to be my go-to when pulling together the perfect fall look. Although it is an extremely delicate fabric to wear, its versatility can catapult a simple look into a carefully crafted fashion statement.

This Fashionista’s killer look mixes two cold weather fabrics, leather and suede, to make one sleek look. The central focus of this look is her black suede thigh-high boots. Thigh high boots extend up the leg, doing wonders to elongate the body, making it appear taller and leaner.

The rest of her outfit is monochromatic. She allows subtle details, like the eyelets and zippers on her leather skirt, to pop, while the flattering neckline of her crop top unifies her outfit.

If you’re worried about ruining your beloved suede boots, I have a few tips. Protecting the suede is key. I recommend using a Scotchguard product, specially designed to use on suede. It will repel water and oil that could deteriorate the suede. Additionally, it protects from the salt used to treat roads when winter weather hits.

Suede does take a little bit more TLC, but the resulting look is totally worth it when you want to spice up your fall wardrobe.

How To: Pair your favorite black shirt with your best black shirt. Try playing around with styles and lengths to add drama to the ensemble. Then pull on those thigh high suede boots and prepare to strut in your chic look.