ALL IN THE DETAILS: Do It For the Denim

There is only one item in the world that can be whiskered, stonewashed and sandblasted. What is this mysterious item you may ask? Why, its denim, of course.

This magnificent fabric is the most (in my opinion) versatile fabric known to man; a denim jacket is equivalent to a little black dress when it comes to closet necessities. I even have a whole section dedicated to it in my closet. Unlike wool or some other fabric that can only be worn in one or two seasons, denim can be worn all 365 days a year (although I would advise you to switch it up every once in a while). It can be styled so many different ways. For example, this Fashionista is sporting her favorite denim jacket in a medium wash along with her black denim jeans; all she’s missing is a denim hat and she’d be an advocate for the fabric. Dark wash denim is perfect for fall because of how well it complements fall colors, and denim jackets fit the season so well because they add the perfect amount of boho style to any outfit, while adding the extra layers you need to stay warm. In addition to it being perfectly versatile, denim has not gone out of style since its creation in 1853; it’s timeless. I’m a strong believer that denim looks good with anything and everything, and in most cases it’ll be the most comfortable part of your wardrobe. Versatile, timeless, comfortable, so many reasons to “Do It For the Denim.” What more could you ask for?

How To: On those days when you’re staring blankly at your closet wondering what to wear, don’t over think it and go with what you know. Reach for that denim button-down or your favorite jeans and throw some style into like our Fashionista did with her pink Nike’s and gold accessories.