ALL IN THE DETAILS: DIY Statement Choker

August 18th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: DIY Statement Choker

With fashion trends coming and going, you can almost bet that the clothes you wear today will come back in style in a future generation. Converse, high-waisted everything and most recently chokers have all come back into style from a past generation. When I spotted this Fashionista, I knew I had to capture her look because of how she was rocking a bandana choker.

Yes, a bandana choker. The famous bandana you may have worn to summer camp or seen on bikers is being worn as a trendy accessory. I have seen this trend slowly grow on many model’s Instagram pages. Specifically, Victoria’s Secret model, Romee Strijd. She wears a bandana as a choker all the time. She changes up the way she styles the bandana and the type of outfits she wears them with which makes it very versatile.

This Fashionista styled her choker by folding it and then tying a knot to the side. This effortless accessory made the outfit come to together. She took the choker trend to a whole new level of RAD! This trend is so unique yet so simple and inexpensive that is has got to blow up soon. The Fashionista then matched the choker with a black off-the- shoulder top to really draw attention to the white bandana. She wore loose white jeans and cute sandals to make the outfit more casual. Of course adding in Erika sunglasses from Ray-Ban screams a beautiful summer outfit.

How To: Bandanas come in virtually every color and even different patterns. Go to your local craft store or even Amazon Prime them to your doorstep for under five dollars, and you’ll have the accessory for much less than any choker I’ve come across. To style it like this Fashionista, simply fold the bandana into a triangle and then fold it in all the way until it resembles a line. Then just tie it around your neck how ever you’d like. Tie it tighter or looser, it’s all up to you to get creative with it!