ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed to Impress

Oh, good old ripped jeans. When my mom was younger, one of her friends left her ripped jeans at my grandmother’s house after a sleepover. When my mom’s friend came to pick them up, my grandma apologized for not having enough time to sew the rips in her jeans. Little did my grandmother know, that those rips were becoming a fashion statement that would shape how both Fashionistas and Fashionistos wear their jeans.

This Fashionista pulled off the perfect casual look for brunch. Her flowy striped blue and white top screams summer even on a chilly day. Stripes are a classic print that can bring even a simple T-shirt to life. From close together thin lines to thick and bold lines: stripes will always be the go-to for a minimalistic look. The clean-cut lines of this Fashionista’s shirt juxtaposes flawlessly against her ripped and baggy boyfriend jeans.

Jeans are one of the most timeless articles of clothing. I mean, who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? However, the details that make up a jean are always changing or reccurring. The latest obsession in the jean world is the distressed boyfriend jean. This look can be dressed up with heels and a dressier top or dressed down like this Fashionista did with gladiator sandals and a T-shirt. The right jeans are still a must during the summer months and this Fashionista scored just the right pair. The placement and size of the rips could not get any better. They create the ideal distressed look without looking like the jean was taken to a lawnmower. Boyfriend jeans are loose enough to create a breezy look without swallowing the figure. This type of jean is essential and a must in everyone’s wardrobe because of their versatility.

The Fashionista then tied her casual look together with bold red nails to pop against her blue color palette found within her top and jeans and gold details. I loved how she spiced up her look with a tortoise shell Michael Kors watch, ALEX AND ANI bangles and gold plated leather gladiators. She absolutely nailed the Sunday morning brunch look.

How To: Take some time to find the perfectly distressed boyfriend jean that feels just right so that you won’t want to ever take them off. You can then either go down the casual or dressier route, and choose a top and shoes that are appropriate for the look you prefer. Finally, pick out accessories that best represent your personal style!