ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed But Well Dressed

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed But Well Dressed

With the start of the fall semester comes a new need in your style choices. No longer are your days filled with lounging by the pool or lying in bed with the latest Netflix show. Your days are now consumed with class and long trips to the library, but that’s no excuse to let your personal style fall to the wayside.

Rather than throwing on the first clean T-shirt and basic jeans she saw, this Fashionista added some variety to this classic combination. By rocking a light wash, distressed pair of jeans this Fashionista easily made the transition from summer to fall; light and fun enough to survive the hot weather that comes with the last few weeks of summer while still ready for the beginning of class. Contrasting with the loose fit of the jeans is the high-necked black tank top that she has tucked in to give her more shape. The dark shirt and light jeans enable this outfit to still have that casual look that is left over from summer without being too heavy; which often accompanies cooler weather ensembles.

Although the jeans are fun, paired with the plain shirt alone the outfit screams for some funky jewelry to liven things up. This Fashionista decided to add an eclectic mixture of jewelry to create an interesting effect. The long gemstone necklace contrasts greatly with the high neck of her shirt and adds a much needed pop of color to her outfit. By mixing the metals and textures on her bracelets and rings, she creates a fun look that does not seem too polished or put together.

To finish her casual but still charming outfit, this Fashionista adds the must have shoe of the season: the lace up, pointed-toe ballet flat. By rolling her jeans slightly, she shows off the fun details of her footwear and the nude color makes her look ready for anything!

The details are everything! Distressed jeans give her a fun vibe, while a high necked shirt gives her a serious look that is perfect for the classroom. Mixing up the metals of the jewelry and pairing it all with lace up flats really makes you look twice at this ensemble.