ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dipped in Gold

September 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

As a girl I enjoy most accessories and jewelry. No matter how many statement necklaces, chokers, hair chains or any other jewelry trends I buy into there is just something effortless and beautiful about gold pieces. Gold represents a time of elegance and sophistication and still holds these values today. Despite its classic status, gold continues to be incorporated into our wardrobes and beauty routines in new, innovative ways. Maybe you remember the Dior spring 2014 show where all of the models had their eyebrows painted gold for a modern look on the runway. Although this trend is a bit more extreme (not that I haven’t thought about it) I think it is a great example of how gold is so versatile and can be incorporated in many different looks. The one constant with gold is its ability to elevate any look and make the Fashionista/o who wears it feel confident and glamorous.

I was walking out of my dorm when I saw this Fashionista’s dainty gold jewelry and matching accessories. I love this look because she was wearing a minimalist outfit, a white tank with black shorts, but the look still had a touch of glam because of her accessories. The small gold bar necklace matched the simplicity of the outfit but the stacked bracelets and the cuff with the pop of orange gave the look a fun edge. The bralette added a softer element to the look and the light pink hue complemented the gold theme well.

From the moment I saw this Fashionista I have been so obsessed with her phone case. I think a unique phone case is an alternative way to accessorize and add to your look. The gold flakes in the case go perfectly with the jewelry and add a more modern aspect to the outfit.

I thought the tan shoes were a great way to ground the look and add to the minimalist style. The tassel keychain ties in perfectly with the tassel zipper on the back of the sandals but the different textures give the look more variety.

The easiest way to wear gold is through your accessories and jewelry but you can also try something new and unexpected. Maybe it’s not gold eyebrows but a gold phone case, gold eyeliner or even try tapping some gold eyeshadow in the center of your lips for a glowing pout! Thanks so much for reading my article Fashionista/os, stay #RAD!