ALL IN THE DETAILS: Destination-Tokyo Flair

For all of you who sit in your towel contemplating potential outfit combinations only to ultimately wear your simple jeans and tank top duo, you’re in luck. A striking bomber jacket, such as this Japanese-inspired one brings not only a bold amount of personality, attitude and confidence to your ritualistic everyday look, but also allows you to spruce up your outfit with incredible ease.

From trying on 27 outfits, to throwing everything on the floor when you hate it, to giving yourself a serious Fashionista headache, the early morning struggle is simply not always worth it.  This Fashionista demonstrates the ideal combination of simple street style with a hint of chic personal flair from the compelling bomber jacket she’s flawlessly sporting. One of the most beautiful aspects of fashion as an art is the way by which one simple addition to your outfit can bring with it an entirely different look; a look that delivers a different personal story and a look that triggers awe in different people. In this case, the drastic switch from monochromatically casual to effortlessly put together was in full swing.

To put it bluntly, this jacket is nothing short of pivotal. Without it, her look would be communicating basic afternoon ease. This addition not only allows this Fashionista to go from daytime to nighttime rocking the exact same noteworthy outerwear, but also showcases her appreciation for timeless styles and her understanding of how to best accentuate those charming garments. For a similar style, look into this cherry blossom and mountain range embroidered jacket. In addition, her Kapten & Son watch with its metallic mesh strap gives the look some classy edge. She did not fail to mention that the best thing about these watches is the changeable strap factor, so you can rock mesh, stripes, metal, leather or nylon straps, depending on your mood and the occasion. Finally, she completes her look with the classic Nike Air Force sneaker style for footwear.

How To: Embrace your minimalist side. However, on days you feel particularly inspired to challenge that look, remember that one simple change can tell an entirely different story. In this case, the soft Japanese colours and designs told us about a girl who knows how to incorporate effortless class and boldness into her casual look.