A denim jacket is a closet staple that can bring any outfit together. It has the ability to tone down or enhance the rest of your outfit. Whether the look is laid back and casual or flirty and dressy, this essential can be a life saver. However, the perfect denim jacket can be hard to find. It has to be the right wash, the right fit and the right length. Needless to say, it can make or break your outfit.

This Fashionista has the perfect denim jacket. Her denim, classic wash number from IZOD does wonders to her casual attire. It transforms her heather gray V-neck and black leggings into an outfit that is suitable for both day and night. Her camel boots add a hint of color, while the denim jacket becomes the key statement piece that pulls her whole ensemble together.

There is a variety of different options and combinations when it comes to denim jackets, which allows you to mix and match. You can pair it with a white button-down, black jeans, suede ankle boots and a fedora. Or you can even pair it with a dress and over the knee socks. The choices are endless and it is really up to you to play around with it!

How To: Ever feel like your outfit is incomplete? Or do you ever feel like your outfit is missing a key staple? A denim jacket is your simple solution! Sport it over a loose, basic T-shirt and pair it with ripped black jeans and ankle boots, and you have yourself a complete outfit!