Oh denim, how you’re always there to save the day. What have we possibly done to deserve you? Whether it’s winter, summer, spring, or fall, you’ve always got our backs…. literally. You look good over a summer dress, on my grandma, and even around my neck as a choker. But best of all, you look good destroyed.

Here’s a little background before we dive in. If you didn’t already know, denim has been around for a really long time. It dates back as far as 1873, when a guy named Levi Strauss (ring a bell?) created the classic denim pant look by taking men’s working pants and turning them into a fashion statement. Because I know we are all so very grateful for Mr. Strauss, what better way to show some love then to rock the all-denim look?

The pieces featured here have been destroyed to the max. The denim hat has rips and tears all around its perimeter, giving a modern twist to the classic ball cap. This denim jacket is handmade by a small New York based company, which takes all kinds of garments and revamps them in a way that is personalized to the customer. I love this jacket because the slits take the “distressed denim” look to a whole other level. Also, even though this is shot in winter in New York (brr), this jacket would be perfect for a cool summer night because it’s a great way to show a little skin but still keep it cool, edgy, and confident. The look is finished off with some two-tone skinny jeans and, you guessed it, red lipstick. Can you really ever go wrong with red lipstick?

I know some people can be intimidated by the all-denim look but not to fear, it’s so easy to wear! My Guru tips are to look for similar shades of denim, such as light wash and dark wash. The closer they are in color the more uniform the look will be! Also, when layering with other clothes, try to stay on the neutral side. This includes colors such as black, white, and gray. It’s so easy, you could never go wrong!