Denim is the tried and true fabric that really will never go out of style. The word actually originated in the 1600s in Nimes, France. Weavers were known to create the fabric that eventually came to be known as “denim,” as in “de Nimes” (from Nimes). We’ve seen countless variations of this material over the years, whether it’s the skinny jean of the early 2000s that turned into the love to hate jegging from the 2010s or the acid-washed of the ’80s punk scene. Denim not only comes in the form of pants, skirts, shorts and jackets, but it can be found as button-down shirts, jumpsuits and even cowboy hats (thank you Justin Timberlake). Denim truly flourished in the ’70s. Flares lingered from the hippie era, but many Fashionistas were rocking denim mini skirts. I spotted this Fashionista looking like she came right from a Bee Gees concert on the way to class in New York.

Appearing in a light wash reminiscent of my 1970s bohemian dreams, this Fashionista’s denim skirt is an ideal wardrobe staple. Its length—not too short and not too long—and slim fit come together to make the perfect skirt for class, lunch with the girls or an afternoon exploring the museum.

But this classic piece is just one component of this Fashionista’s awesome outfit. A chic, Parisian black turtleneck is an absolute must-have item for the upcoming winter months, and the dark color pairs well with any necklace as it stands out against the black background. These cool oxford slingback shoes take the boyish shoe, often worn in the ’70s as a platformed version, and add a girly, flirty twist. I’d say these shoes are a strong addition to any outfit game.

How To: You can’t go wrong with a denim skirt. Pick one you feel most confident in, and add your favorite wardrobe essentials.