One of my favorite things about fall is how we can take a simple outfit, add some accessories to it and really create a look that is our own! It is so easy to take staple pieces from our closet, mix them together and form a look that is laid-back yet trendy. Accessories are key to making an outfit look composed because they add a little flair to it and really take an outfit to the next level. Fall is a great time to play with your look because there are endless ways to accessorize your style and this Fashionista has created a look that is so simple yet bold.

At first glance, this Fashionista’s outfit looks simple and plain, but as you get closer, you can see that her outfit is actually very detailed but in a more subtle way. One of my favorite things about her look is her distressed denim jacket. This jacket is edgy and bold, as it has textured detailing on the front and an open, shredded back. She paired this jacket with a simple white top and a great pair of black leggings. To add even more detail to this look she adds a pop of color with her cross-body bag. This red bag is classy yet daring and really ties this outfit together. Finally, to top it off, she pairs her look with some great black booties. These shoes give this outfit a grunge-inspired feel to it as they are chunky and have gold detailing on them as well. This Fashionista has found the perfect way to create an outfit that is effortless yet fashionable!

How To: Don’t be afraid to take risks! Being different is a great way to find your individual style and show your personality. Take chances with your look and add a detailed piece that is different and bold to show your confidence and make you feel #RAD!