What is once jaded in the world of fashion seems to always make another arousing appearance no matter how few or how many years later. I think of the once beloved denim skirt I envisioned as a kid and how much I despised when my mom would dress me in jean skirts. Denim skirts are stiff, unbendable, slightly sweatier than jean shorts and nearly impossible to do anything in. Oh but wait, you think that sounds bad; try wearing a skort. Yep, Satan’s version of a more “kid-friendly” denim skirt…more like a permanent inferno of bulky denim and wedgies. At least with jean skirts your legs are able to catch a breeze approximately 35 percent of the time and you don’t look like a small child carrying a confusing, disproportionate amount of weight in the hips.

But let me take you all back to 1970 when the denim skirt first took flight. Long flaps of denim and brass buttons covered up women from their belly buttons to just inches below their knees. Don’t get me wrong; this can be a marvelous look, but not quite the type of skirt I’m talking about now. Fast forward 45 years to see women decked out in the same high-waisted fit we once saw in the ‘70s, but about two feet or so have been chopped off, a look we saw in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but something much sleeker looking today.

This Fashionista knew exactly how to wear her denim skirt, with it; she sported a black lacy blouse, a White Sox snapback, white shoes, reflective shades and a black bag. The effortless balance of black and white helped her skirt stand out and really pop, which I loved! The white emblem on her snapback helped tie her look together from head to toe by bringing out the white in her sneakers. Reflective shades, my favorite summer staple, helped capture the silver undertones on the eyelets of her sneakers and even added a little edge to this look.

How To: Ready or not, the denim skirt is charging its way right up to the top tier of trends at the moment. One of my favorite ways to wear a denim skirt is to pair it with a crew neck, short-sleeved sweater. Or you can try paring it with one of your favorite jerseys, which would make for a both impressionable and refreshing look.