July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s the hottest temperatures it’s been all summer. The humidity as at an all-time high and it feels as if you could cut it with a knife. Because it’s the end of July, it is expected the temperatures would rise, but it happened so quickly. It has gone from hot to extremely hot in a matter of days. With that being said, the rising temperatures have definitely changed everyone’s wardrobe choices. Although it would be easy to just throw on a T-shirt and shorts in this humidity, the weather should not change your sense of style. Keeping your outfits the way you like is important and the weather shouldn’t compromise that. Whether it be for class, work or a Sunday afternoon, putting effort into an outfit really shows when temperatures rise.

This Fashionista’s denim vest is the perfect piece to add in such a humidity filled day. Denim shirts and vests are the perfect addition to any outfit and can really be used in all types of weather. In particular, the sleeveless vest tied in a knot adds dimension to the outfit without adding too much weight. The mistake most people make when adding dimension to an outfit is using thick and heavy pieces rather than softer and flowy ones. Whether you add a denim long sleeve button-down rolled up, a vest or something in between, the extra layer can really showcase your personal style. Make sure to keep the layers light and cool for these warm Memphis temperatures. This Fashionista’s denim vest tied up over a printed dress is the perfect summer look. Adding the knot to shorten the vest helps give the outfit more shape and really suits this Fashionista well.

This Fashionista paired her denim vest with the blue and white printed dress, along with black flats and a statement watch to match. Perfect for a July summer day.

How To: Nervous to rock the denim vest? Try pairing it with a more simple patterned dress. The combination of more neutral colors will subdue the statement of the denim.