April 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring is finally here and the campus is livelier than ever! Everyone is outside soaking up the sun they were deprived of for so long. Depending on who you ask about the weather in Virginia, you will definitely get mixed feelings since we truly get to experience each season.

As I was sitting in Monroe Park, which is the focal point of campus, this Fashionisto walked by and caught my eye. He was rocking the classic denim-on-denim look. As I got closer to him I noticed how unique his outfit actually was. We started talking and he told me he cut off the collar from his coat and added buttons and patches he found at a local thrift store. He also rolled up his jeans and sleeves to give it extra flavor. To finish off his outfit he wore classic, beat up Converse with pastel pink striped socks.

With the cherry on top, this Fashionisto even had eyes painted on his nails. I absolutely fell in love with this kid. He described his style as neutral and pastel colors with minimalism and fluidity throughout his outfits.

How To: As he explained to me, this outfit was easy and inexpensive to put together. Most of his outfit pieces are from thrift stores so he recommended exploring different thrift stores to find cool, unique stuff. From there you can truly make it your own by adding accessories or cutting it up. We both agreed that denim on denim is never a bad choice and you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in to express yourself!