ALL IN THE DETAILS: Delicate Jewelry

Delicate necklaces, especially those with stones, are the jewelry trend everyone needs right now! They are an easy way to add interest to an outfit, and are lightweight alternatives to the chunky and plastic baubles seen in the past. They can also be layered with bigger necklaces, worn with statement earrings or with your favorite printed top. It all depends on how much of an impact you want to make!

Stone jewelry is very unique and reminds me of the summer. There is a jewelry store at the beach I always go to that sells one of a kind jewelry with beautiful stones. So when I saw this Fashionista and her stone jewelry, I knew I had to focus on the details on her outfit.

This Fashionista got it right in her simple tank dress and sparkly white and gold necklace. The gunmetal and Abalone stone cuff contrasts her gold watch beautifully. I love how the stones in the cuff pick up the blues of her tank dress, while the white stone creates a contrast against the dark dress.

When choosing the right jewelry for your look, I love a stacked wrist. Pile on as many bracelets as you want! The only rule I have is to make sure that the colors complement each other. They do not have to match exactly, and I love throwing in a bright stone in my bracelets if I am wearing an all black outfit. For necklaces, I love to layer a stone necklace with a longer pendant necklace, however one stone necklace makes just as much of an impact, as our Fashionista shows.

How To: Wearing smaller necklaces can make just as big of an impact as a statement necklace! Just focus on a color that pops against your outfit, and don’t be afraid to layer bracelets with watches or wear multiple necklaces! Let your personality and jewelry style shine.