All IN THE DETAILS: Death By Scarves

As the temperature plunges and a jacket becomes a mandatory item, winter at Penn State sometimes makes it hard to show off your unique style. During the late fall and all through the winter, your heavy winter parka covers your adorable sweater and trendy jeans underneath while going through campus. Instead, accessories to keep you warm and staying stylish are a must while walking around. A well-chosen beanie or scarf can help show off a Fashionista’s unique style during the colder months.

Here in State College, staying warm is a must but so is staying stylish. Just because the season changes, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice showing off new trends. Use accessories to show off the season’s best trends like faux fur, studs or even one with a cute pattern.

I found this Fashionista walking outside my dorm. Something about the pattern of her scarf really grabbed my eye, and I couldn’t let her just walk by. I too am a huge fan of a fun pattern scarf to add to an outfit, especially in the cold weather when it becomes a necessity.  This pattern, in particular, is great because it goes well with her edgy motorcycle jacket and slouchy beanie, letting her show off her personality.

How To: Next time you need something to turn your same old look of a T-shirt, cardigan and jeans into a fabulous outfit, throw on a chunky knit scarf.  Throw on some riding boots and bangles, and you’ve got a winning look to wear to class.