ALL IN THE DETAILS: Daring Little Red

Every ensemble brings a certain type of vibe. Most young girls opt for the sugary look, but once in a while, the inner rebel comes out to play. Dark colors, red lips and the classic leather jacket blend together to create something hot and spicy. Red and black are perhaps the most complementary colors for the edgiest of looks. The combination encompasses the words daring and dangerous. However, for those of us that prefer the more girly side of the fashion spectrum, this look is still possible with a few simple changes.

When I think of edgy fashion, my thoughts immediately turn to Olivia Newton’s role as Sandy in Grease—specifically the outfit she wore when she sang “You’re the One that I Want” with fellow edgy Fashionisto, John Travolta. Realistically, her look isn’t exactly something worn on an everyday occasion. Therefore, let’s tone the outfit down and give it a more feminine touch.

Take a look at this Fashionista featured above, although she is edgy, she also has a girlish flare about her. Wearing a black, high-waisted skater skirt along with a matching signature leather jacket, I’d say she’s definitely on her way to achieving that punk fashion style.

However there’s something quite different about her outfit. Her crop top is bright red and has an adorable scalloped hem on the bottom and on the sleeves. The top is definitely this ensemble’s crowning glory. It makes the outfit more versatile as well.

Too hot? Take off the jacket and show off that red flare. Feeling chilly? Wear a leather jacket and bring out your inner rebel. Finally, don’t forget to complete the look with a matching pair of black boots.

How To: Get the look by pairing a black skater skirt with a crop top that sports a unique detail. Bring along a leather jacket with some fur on top (fur is ‘in’ right now!) in case it gets colder. Finally, don’t forget to carry yourself with confidence. Work it, girl!