ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dainty Daisies

Fashionistas/os acknowledge that floral is a spring and summer given. Spring and summer are the seasons for warmer weather, lightweight fabrics, exciting prints and patterns and color experimentation. Floral is the go-to print that never goes out of style, an indication that the season has finally changed and warmer weather is around the corner.

Instead of revisiting last year’s floral fashion, you can transform an outfit by including unconventional floral concepts in an effort to make the trend seem fresh once again. Do away with the old-fashioned bloom prints, and bring the flowers to life, using three-dimensional floral patterns and accessories.

This gorgeous Fashionista is donning dainty daisies to incorporate the floral trend into her look. This muted three-dimensional daisy detailed tank top is a simple way of incorporating floral into an ensemble without the use of a bloom-smothered print. The solid black tank top with daisies embroidered into the neckline steals the show. She pairs the top with a pair of pastel blue American Eagle Outfitters shorts held by a white belt. By incorporating daisy stud earrings, a yellow Fossil wristwatch to match the yellow of the daisy detailed top and a pair of monochrome ballet flats, this Fashionista created a feminine and floral look.

How To: There are several ways to incorporate florals into an outfit; don’t hesitate to use a print or floral novelty that compliments your budding curiosity, whether it’s the floral Lilly Pulitzer piece you’ve been eyeing for some time or an edgy floral lace two-piece. Complement your floral choice with a pastel and/or solid color to complete the look.