ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cutie Patootie Booties

When getting ready for a date, there are always two phases: excitement and panic. The excitement stage is the best; it’s time for a super fun night with a current crush and a date is an excellent excuse to go buy a new outfit. Speaking of an outfit, this is when the panic settles in. I mean, is it even possible to look really dolled up but also look effortlessly beautiful at the same time?

When picking an outfit, the main goal should be confidence and comfort. The basics in this case are what’s going to enable the maximum comfort level throughout the date. Start with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, the ones that hug in all the right places, and then pair it with a simple top that feels like confidence in all situations. Put an open loose flannel on over it to show you know how to rock a trend.

The perfect causal, yet super cute date outfit is all about the details. This is where you can dress up the outfit to make for that easy beauty aesthetic. These caramel booties are a non-aggressive heel. The blend of heel height for that “Bad B Alert” mixed with the boot for that “she has her life together” look.

How To: This look is all about celebrating the little things! Next time you feel that panic before a date, ask yourself these three questions: “Do I feel confident? Do I feel like me? And who is that gorgeous person looking at me in the mirror?”