School’s out, Fashionistas! The sun is out to play and so are we. In this summer heat, the number one fashion go-to advice is to find that perfect balance between looking cute and getting the most ventilation to your body. Whether it be sporting a muscle tank with a big cutout, or looking classy in laces and bralettes, summer is all about using the weather to your advantage. This Fashionista here has nailed it; not only does her outfit feel like summer, it also lets the summer breeze flow through her for a quick cool down.

Today, I found this little gem on her way back from her last final of the year—dressed to welcome her three months off. Her outfit isn’t much when it’s broken down into pieces, but together she is a radiant flower child. To start off, this Fashionista has on a daisy patterned maxi skirt, and each mini print on the her skirt adds a little more detail and accent to her style. As she walks, the skirt flows in a way where it seems the flowers are moving in waves, adding dimension to her outfit. To prevent an overwhelming collection of prints, this Fashionista matched her skirt with a plain white crop top. The white color coordinates with the petals of every daisy while balancing out the clutter. That is it the bulk of her outfit: Something simple yet put together.

This Fashionista leveled up the style from casual to elegant, all by adding some accessories. It was all the details that made this transition from just something to throw on to an outfit. Her choice in a pair of dangling feather earring and a matching gold headband showed that she put in effort when deciding on her clothes this morning. The gold accessories also brings out the yellow centers of the daisies and compliment white nicely. In addition, this Fashionista has a darker complexion which works great with the gold color to make her overall persona more radiant.

Everything about this Fashionista’s style is surrounded by attention to details, patterns, textures and accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit, spending an extra minute on picking the right headband or necklace can make others perceive you as a whole new person.

How to: Quick two piece outfits are easy to wear and put together. First, grab an article of clothing that has a more distinct feature to it—here, the maxi skirt has a unique pattern — it can be a cool top with a fun back or a shorts with an eye catching print. Next, match the other part of the outfit with something more simple to contrast the craziness. Finally, throw on some fancy looking accessories like this floral headpiece to pull everything together. Ta  da! You’ve got yourself an outfit.