ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cute As A Button(-Down)

March 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s easy to get sick of that reoccurring rotation of sweaters you’ve grown to loath this winter, but the truth is, winter isn’t coming to an end yet. So how do you spice it up and break the boring cycle? Add a button-down to that sweater style! Not only will wearing a button-down under a sweater keep you extra warm, but it will also create a layered look. Let the collar pop out of the neckline of your sweater and the button cuffs peek out from under the end of your sleeves. You can go with a simple solid button-down, or if you’re not as into the preppy look, wear a plaid button-down to create a little grungy edge. Either way, your taking that plain gray sweater you’ve been sick of looking at and creating a new look.

This Fashionista did exactly that. She sticks to her plain beige crochet sweater, but she layers it over a green and red flannel button-down shirt. She sports this layered look with a simple pair of jeans and snow boots on a chilly study day. Her short delicate necklace draws more attention to her neckline and the collar, adding some color and uniqueness to her look. There are so many great flannels and a plain button-downs that you can tuck under your basic sweaters.

How To: Trying to switch up your winter look? Wear any button-down shirt under a solid sweater. Jeans and boots are a create addition to this look, and don’t be afraid to add a beanie or some cute layered necklaces to spice it up even more.