ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cute and Quirky

Everyone is all about standing out these days. It’s popular to be unique! Being hipster and ahead of the fashion game by making your own rules is super in. Hipsters are always coming up with their own styles of doing things and the fashion market is listening. It’s trending now to not look like everyone else—being different is cool. And being 100 percent “you”-nique is the hottest thing to do right now. Doesn’t that feel good to think about?

With social media making personal style so accessible and easy to get a hold of, trends are majorly hitting the fashion scene at a rapid pace! Pinterest is showing millions of followers how to make their own DIY clothing items, and it’s introducing all sorts of different fashion items from many one of a kind buyers you probably haven’t heard of before. It’s so effortless to get lost in the sea of online fashion marketing. I could blink while on a Pinterest brigade and find that a couple of hours have passed me by. (Oops!)

I was inspired by this Fashionisto who has the unique hipster vibe down. It’s pretty obvious that he has a great sense of style, but what really drew me in was his attention to details that you won’t find on anyone else. He has made some of his favorite inspirations a part of his outfit, and you can tell just by looking what type of fun, friendly, quirky personality he has.

I was so intrigued by the personalized buttons on his stylish backpack. I also loved the keychain that hung from it, accentuating the cool and fun vibes even more. I feel like he is ready for a day of hanging out with friends and reading some awesome fantasy, action novels!

How To: Try some fun, unique glasses out from Warby Parker and then some sweet black Sperry Top-Sideers shoes to chill it out a bit. I love the classic bright shirt he is wearing, and that’s how the details stand out even more. Get inspired! Wear some trinkets on your backpack that you love and that make you happy to see everyday. You may even find studying could get easier that way.